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MAIN PURPOSE OF ROLECoordinate the activities of a team of professionals and para-professionals to ensure that credit applications are accurately assessed and that outstanding debts are followed-up according to established collection targets.Main Responsibilitiesa. Trade spend management:

  • Ensure trade spends are executed in effective way and complied with mechanic approved in proposals
  • Monitor all revenue deduction spending by channel and KA customers
  • Perform actual trade promotion settlement in term of compliance and validation
  • Control Pricing, trade terms and condition investment at the level of customers, geographies and channels
  • Support CMM team to execute and control promotion mechanic in effective way in term of compliance and validation

b. SG&A spends controlling: (A&P and non-A&P)

  • Handle actual SG&A spending validation in compliance with approved proposals, purchase contract and measure the cost efficiencies
  • Perform actual SG&A spending analysis and provide the insight to Trade & Commercial Finance
  • Co-ordinate with responsible functions take initiatives of cost optimization and drive the efficiencies by process simplification or system enhancement

c. Risk and Compliance management:i. Business risk management:

  • Understand the insight of execution and work with steak-holders (sales and CMM) to mitigate business risk in term of mechanic control improvement, system control enhancement (DMS trade promotion function, Gift inventory controlled in ERP, etc.) and promotion validation process improvement.
  • Ensure promotion mechanic is executed in line with proposal and effectively managed by DMS system

ii. Local government regulation:

  • Handle consumer promotion registration in compliance with Local Government regulation
  • Have basis experience of tax to ensure all promotion activities are complied with Tax regulation and co-ordinate with Tax accountant to balance business need with Tax regulation
  • Handle contract review with steak-holders, Tax accountant and Legal to ensure that all contract terms are complied with all respective requirements

iii. Corporate Policy:

  • Handle Gross-to-Net in compliance with Corporate Revenue Recognition Policy
  • Ensure all SG&A spends are complied with Corporate Accounting Policy
  • Handle internal control in compliance with SOX

d. Business process management: Establish and implement policies and process within Trade Sales and CMM function to ensure the integrity of accounting record and financial informationi. DMS trade promotion management:

  • Manage DMS promotion system to drive the effectiveness in promotion mechanic compliance control, improve productivity and accelerate promotion claim settlement to customers
  • Co-ordinate with DMS project team to control and manage DMS system in term of high data accuracy, more productivity and high visibility of sales performance

ii. Accrual process management:

  • Handle accrual process in term of validation and prepare accrual for accounting record
  • Ensure accrual principles are complied with accounting policies
  • Improve accrual process in term of simplification and more efficiencies

iii. Gift inventory management:

  • Manage Gift inventory from good receipted to delivery to consumers during promotion
  • Enhance ERP system to manage Gift inventory and DMS system to control Gift promoted in market to right consumer with right promotion mechanic
  • Increase visibility of Gift managed from start to end which helps measure the promotion effectiveness and ROI evaluation

iv. Consumer promotion management:

  • Ensure promotion mechanics are executed in compliance with approved proposal
  • Handle actual promotion data validation to ensure Gifts are promoted to right consumers with right mechanic

v. Transportation management system:

  • Handle transportation price set-up in compliance with purchase contract
  • Enhance system to optimize transportation costs with more visibility of efficiencies
  • Perform actual transportation costs analysis in term of sales volume and channel mix, impacting cost effectiveness
  • Perform cost-to-serve by channel or direct and in-direct and provide the insight to budget owners and trade finance in term of business decision making

e. Others:

  • Provide financial support to Trade Sales & CMM in order to execute trade promotion mechanic in compliance with approved proposals and budget
  • Perform financial analysis on trade and promotion programs to ensure optimum performance at lowest possible costs
  • Co-ordinate with Trade Sales and Commercial Excellence to build, monitor and assess distributor capability performance in order to enhance management of distributors
  • Co-ordinate with CFS team to maintain and manage regular and ad-hoc business financial and operational information to fulfil Operations and Local 3A ANI Management
  • Ability to identify non-value added activities and modify processes to improve efficiency
  • Ability to communicate financial understanding efficiently and effectively to commercial function
  • Quickly modifies behavior to deal effectively with changes in the work environment

Minimum Background/ Experience Required

  • Education: Bachelors degree in accounting/finance.
  • Experience: Minimum 5 years of experience in a Trade Spend or Commercial Finance or Finance & Accounting

Core Skills Requirement

  • Ability to partner with commercial functions to manage commercial activities and trade operation management
  • Ability to handle financial and accounting data in compliance with Corporate Accounting Policy, Revenue Recognition Policy and Tax accounting regulation
  • Knowledge of the principles, processes and standards for integrated financial information and reporting
  • Knowledge of Local Government regulation related to promotion registration and Tax regulation to manage the compliance
  • Financial analysis capability using MS Excel, PowerPoint and other tools

Any Other RemarksOther key behaviors which will lead to success in this role are:

  • Attention to details, ability to work on projects independently, and a proactive attitude
  • Ability to identify non-value added activities and modify processes to improve efficiency
  • Ability to communicate financial understanding efficiently and effectively to commercial function
  • Quickly modifies behavior to deal effectively with changes in the work environment

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