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MoMo is the market leader in mobile payments in Vietnam. We strive to make all transactions fast, easy and joyful. We are looking for an experienced Software Engineer to join our growing Big Data & AI team. At MoMo, we are making Machine Learning the core component to almost every part of the product – product recommendation, personalization, risk scoring, fraud detection and promotion targeting. As a software engineer of a Machine Learning system, you will have a unique opportunity to have a high impact by building these systems, as well as uncovering new opportunities to apply Machine Learning to impact millions of users.

What you will do

Team 1:

  • Develop systems, services that serve over 30 million MoMo users;
  • Build MoMo Search engine enabling MoMo users to reach out all services, product, friends, promotions in MoMo;
  • Build Notification backend gateway delivering notification messages from all merchants, services to MoMo Users;
  • Build Advertising platform allowing marketer running multiple advertising campaign in large scale;
  • Support & continuous optimize the platforms to adapt with the growth of MoMo users and business.

Team 2:

  • Develop systems, services that serve Machine Learning models;
  • Building framework for Machine Learning systems. Support & operate the Machine Learning systems;
  • Driving technical collaborations with tech, business, product teams;
  • Drive technical collaborations with tech, business, product teams;
  • Take ownership of your work, collaborate with Software Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists to build systems using your engineering experience;
  • As an example, suppose that we want to build a fraud detection system, you will take care of building the services necessary for retrieving user history, transforming & loading data into machine learning models and connecting to other services for appropriate actions.

What you will need

  • At least 2 years as a Software Engineer, with fluency and experience in backend Java languages;
  • Have good knowledge of data structures, system design and algorithms;
  • Experienced in building high-performing systems;
  • Experienced working with cloud services such as GCP, AWS, Azure is a plus;
  • Experience in using message systems, such as Kafka, RabbitMQ or any other equivalent;
  • Experience in using SQL such as Oracle or NoSQL such as Redis, Cassandra, MongoDB or MySQL/PostgreSQL;
  • Strong product ownership. You take a high responsibility for what you build. You keep a high bar for product quality;
  • Strong collaboration skills. You reach out to help other team members.

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