Senior/ Lead Data Engineer – MoMo (M_Service)

Website MoMo (M_Service)

What you will do

With the AI first company mission, design and build the self-serve data platform to serve people in MoMo and partner needs. They will be alloccated resource based on theirs needs to:

  • Ingesting multiple data sources, from batch to stream, from pull to push mechanism;
  • Developing and deploying the resilient data pipeline in the data lake, data warehouse, streaming data;
  • Delivering the derived data to downstream with the high quality, such as: BI solution (PowerBI, Google Data Studio,…), Marketing Platform, Promotion Platform, Experiment Platform,… by multiple ways (API, Dataset, Streaming Data,…);
  • Building Machine Learning models, Business Intelligent dashboards;
  • Monitoring the data quality of data pipelines in the data platform;
  • Monitoring and optimizing the resource usages;
  • Design and build the Data Management Systems enabling the Data Governance team and data consumers:
  • Managing the data life cycle in the big data platform;
  • Having MoMo data ecosystem self-exploration ability;
  • Proving the single source of truths to multiple downstream with the high quality;
  • Managing the attribution infrastructure cost from various big projects, teams, departments;
  • Design and build the Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution to protect our data and achieve data visibility in large organization;
  • Collaborate with Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists , Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Product Owners, Product Operators to strive for greater functionality in our data systems.

What you will need

  • Love of data. You run “SELECT COUNT(SHEEP) FROM BACKYARD” during your sleep!
  • Strong programming skill;
  • Language: Java/Kotlin, Python, Scala, VueJs, BashScripts;
  • Infrastructure: Google Cloud Platform, Kubernetes;
  • Data Warehouse: BigQuery,Oracle;
  • Data Source: App Events, Oracle, MySQL, MSSQL, Kafka, Pubsub, REST API;
  • Data Pipeline Orchestration: Airflow; BI: Datastudio;
  • Problem solving skills, Teamwork spirit;
  • Experience with cloud platforms such as Google Cloud Platform or Amazon Web Service is a plus.


  • Attractive compensation & benefits;
  • 13th month salary bonus and yearly performance bonus;
  • 16 paid days off per year;
  • Premium health care insurance;
  • Great allowances (lunch, parking, birthday, happy hours….);
  • Salary review at least one time per year based on employee’s performance and contribution;
  • Outing/team-building activities (company trip , soccer sport, English club, running club,..);
  • Other benefits as per stated in Vietnamese Labor Law;
  • Work with experienced & strong team;
  • Friendly, dynamic & flexible working environments.

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