Senior Java Developer – Techcombank (TCB)

Website Techcombank (TCB)

I. Job Purpose:

• The job holder will assist in the design and development of server-side web applications by developing and maintaining functional and stable web applications to meet customer needs.

• The job holder will also be involved in troubleshooting and debugging backend systems to support functionality of applications.

II. Key Accountabilities:

A. Software Development

• Responsible for ensuring that the bank’s digital platforms work well by managing back end site databases, performance issues, security and that the server, application and database communicate with each other.

• Responsible for collaborating with business tribes to understand the needs and technical requirements before building a web application.

• Responsible for the server-side web application logic and integration with front-end codes

• Collaborate with Front End Developers to design more functional and cohesive codes to enhance user experience.

• Responsible for driving the application lifecycle with a key focus in coding and debugging of web applications based on feedback from testers and users.

• Compile and analyze data, process and codes to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement.

B. Software Documentation

• Work closely with tribe and squad members to translate business requirements into technical design documents.

• Review and implement technical requirement documents by coding flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments and guides for the program.

III. Requirements:

A. Domain Expertise

• 4 to 10 years of relevant experience in software development

• Basic knowledge in Java backend web development using scripting languages / frameworks

• Experience working with relational DBMS and SQL

• Experience working in a source-controlled environment, such as Git or TFVC

• Basic understanding of API design and implementation

• Basic understanding of Spring & Spring related projects

B. Agile / Digital Experience

• Understands Agile principles, practices and Scrum methodologies.

• Experience working in Agile teams to support digital transformation projects.

C. Qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or information technology

D. Personal Attributes

• Passionate about technology and excited about the impact of emerging / disruptive technologies

• Ownership mindset with a focus on getting things fixed, not simply discovered

• A self-starter who thrives in an environment that fosters entrepreneurial thinking and innovation

• Believes in the non-hierarchical culture of collaboration, transparency and trust across the team

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