Senior DevOps/DevSecOps Engineer – Techcombank (TCB)

Website Techcombank (TCB)

About the company

You will be working for a highly recognized brand in the banking industry with an attractive income. A customer-eccentric bank that focuses is the user experience, this organization is leading digital banking in Vietnam.


DevOps Development

  • Build, map, and optimize the delivery of the Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP) by addressing key elements like process time, lead time, delay time, and percent completion and accurate and visualize the progress of these processes on the kanban project
  • Continuous Exploration (CE) – understand the market problem/customer need by analyzing and researching to identify the solution required to meet that need, from which suggest the development of new features or modification from existing architectures, define and prioritize activities in the Program Back
  • Continuous Integration (CI) – take features from the Program Backlog and implement them to deliver a completed that is committed to version control, built and integrated into a full system or solution, and tested end-to-end before being validated in a staging environment.
  • Continuous Deployment (CD) – take the changes from the staging environment and deploy them to production.
  • Release on Demand (RoD) – make value available to customers all at once, or in a staggered fashion-based market and business needs.

DevSecOps Development

  • Build, automate, enhance and integrate threat modeling; application security; penetration testing.; and continuous security monitoring.

Software Development

  • Ensure that the bank’s digital platforms work well by managing back end site database, performance issues, and security and that the server, application, and database communicate with each other.
  • Collaborate with business tribes to understand the needs and technical requirements before building a web application.
  • Responsible for the server-side web application logic and integration with front-end codes.
  • Collaborate with Front-end and Back-end Developers to design more functional and cohesive codes to enhance DevOps/DevSecOps and customer experience.
  • Drive the application lifecycle with a key focus on coding and debugging web applications based on feedback from testers and users.
  • Compile and analyze data, processes, and codes to troubleshoot problems and identify areas for improvement.

Software Documentation

  • Work closely with tribe and squad members to translate business requirements into technical design documents.
  • Review and implement technical requirement documents by coding flowcharts, layouts, diagrams, charts, code comments, and guides for the program.


You are experienced in working with continuous integration tools.

You have at least 4 years of professional experience and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or similar or equivalent through experience

You are advanced in

  • AWS Cloud Computing
  • Javascript, typescript, or python
  • Linux OS automation and management
  • Automation tools: Ansible, Terraform
  • Git
  • CI/CD engines (Jenkins, etc.)

You are familiar with

  • General & Container CI/CD patterns
  • SQL databases
  • Kubernetes
  • Log Management
  • Networking
  • Active Directory and Azure AD

You have had exposure to:

  • Serverless Framework
  • ElasticSearch
  • Grafana
  • Prometheus

You contribute effectively outside of your specialty and make the connections that others miss

You focus on results over the process

Are able to identify root causes and get beyond treating symptoms

Are good at using data to inform your intuition

You keep us nimble by minimizing complexity and finding time to simplify

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