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The Campaign Coordinators are the glue that holds together political campaigns. They plan and coordinate all the day-to-day activities that keep a campaign running smoothly, from brainstorming ideas to making a plan to deployment. Campaign coordinators work closely with other team members including everything they’re supporting to ensure everyone is on the same page and working toward the same goals.


  • Own and build the online & offline campaigns mix every week – month – quarter at the master plans and execute deploys.
  • Work with the performance marketing team to oversee campaign management and in-depth analytics of lifetime value, customer acquisition cost, and return on ad spend.
  • Work with the merchandise/supplier team management, and build up the event-campaign activities. Support brand and supplier campaigns, drive sales by the live stream – video…
  • Experiment and establish new acquisition-conversion-retention channels and go-to-market strategies on these platforms Tiktok – Youtube – Facebook – Google – Affiliate – KOL/KOC or Creator…
  • Collaborate with Data Science and Engineering to build out marketing tech stack to support analytics, attribution, predicted LTV, and automation
  • Provide guidance and input to the Creative team (e.g., designers, copywriters) deliverables, including images, videos, and landing page.


  • Excellent English, both verbally & written.
  • Excellent presentation skills by PPT – Google slide.
  • At least 3-5 years of experience in Campaign Operations and Ecommerce Operations. Experience working for well-known e-commerce will be an advantage.
  • Being passionate about content and digital media.
  • Being a creative storyteller with a commercial-oriented mindset
  • Have an eye for good design. Able to guide designers via specific briefs and requirements
  • Have excellent interpersonal skills
  • Being highly logical & structured in thoughts and communication
  • Being able to read and comprehend insights from data and make decisions based on that
  • Being confident with communication skills and showing an ability to influence at multiple levels of the organization
  • A high degree of drive, energy, and passion for succeeding
  • With a winning mentality, even when the odds are against you, you can find a way and drive those elusive “win-win solutions.”

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