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SECURITY ENGINEER (Sign-in Bonus, if any)

  • Level: middle, senior, expert
  • Location: Lim Tower, 9-11 Tôn Đức Thắng, District 1
  • Attractive monthly income

About the company

You will be working for a highly recognized brand in the banking industry with an attractive income. A customer-eccentric bank that focuses is the user experience, this organization is leading digital banking in Vietnam.

We are looking for a talented SECURITY ENGINEER to develop security solutions / ensure compliance with security standards (Vietnam and International); perform attack and test activities for technology systems to detect vulnerabilities/weaknesses and provide quick and timely remedial solutions; perform administrative activities on identity and access security/network security/terminal device and data security


Ensuring Information Security

  • Participate in projects, developing and deploying technology to ensure Information Security for systems to be built, including stages: analysis, building requirements Information security, design Information security, threat modeling, source code review, testing and building controls to ensure Information Security.
  • Research and develop necessary information security solutions to prevent attacks and incidents Information security, ensure security and safety for the entire information system of the bank.
  • Coordinate with the Information Security supervisory department in handling information security incidents.
  • Set up and monitor the implementation of TCB’s information security process, regulations, standards, guidelines and policies in accordance with the regulations of the government and international organizations
  • Implement and maintain compliance with international standards PCI-DSS, ISO, SWIFT CSP.
  • Implement and maintain compliance with TCB’s policies, circulars and regulations of the State Bank.
  • Regularly perform compliance and integrity checks
  • of the security policy configuration in the internal system TCB detects violations or insider attacks.
  • Coordinate with Compliance Assessment and Risk Management units to assess the compliance of technology systems according to policies, regulations, standards, processes, checklists.

Information Security Testing

Implement the strategy to ensure information security

  • Participate in the implementation of the Information Security strategy by providing input data on attack trends, forms of exploitation and risks arising in each period.
  • Participate in the implementation of the annual information security implementation plan, meet the business and operational needs of the bank through the implementation of information security testing programs for the technology activities of the bank. Bank.
  • Develop penetration testing methods, information security scanning scripts and security checks according to international standards such as OSSTMM, Sans and OWASP.
  • Develop new techniques, exploit scripts and programs for automated penetration testing

Perform test attack activities

  • Directly perform vulnerability detection review, vulnerability assessment, and conduct penetration/exploit testing periodically or at the request of the Block leader for all systems/applications ; Penetration testing for system/application after live detection or whenever undergoing a major change. Testing methods must ensure practicality including both technical (technology) and non-technical (people, processes, physical assets). From there, provide CISO as well as other Information Security departments to have programs to deal with the problems of system weaknesses that can be exploited.
  • Perform regular vulnerability scans, information security checks to find vulnerabilities in the system and provide remedial / remedial solutions; supports maintaining compliance with world security standards such as PCI-DSS, ISO27001, SCP (swift).
  • Develop and manage vulnerability management program, threat intelligence database. Collect, track metrics, and analyze trends on cyber defenses, threats, detected attacks, vulnerabilities, and countermeasures/preventions.
  • Actively research / find new vulnerabilities, exploitation techniques and cyber threats; Identify trends in cybersecurity involving tactics, techniques, and processes, targeting for malware development and deployment.
  • Directly participate in the experimental plan of responding to an Information Security incident as an attack unit and in the case of an actual Information Security incident as the response team. Coordinate and provide expert cyber defense engineering skills to resolve cyber attack incidents

Information Security Administration

  • Building/adjusting and implementing MTPQ of systems.
  • Develop requirements and measures to control access and protect the bank’s data.
  • Develop, maintain and optimize information security policy/rule/configuration for solutions to ensure information security such as: Information security solutions on access identity management (PAM, IAM…); Network information security solutions (Firewall, NAC, APT, NetIPS, DDOS…); Information Security solutions on endpoints (AD GPO, HIPS/HFW, Appcontrol, Web/mail filtering, DB security…); Information security solutions on data (DLP, FAM…).
  • Assess, evaluate, review

+ Decentralization enforcement ensures compliance with the decentralized matrix.

+ The issue and withdrawal of privileged accounts and digital certificates on technology systems.

+ Exception requirements related to identity, access rights on technology systems

+ Change requirements on information security assurance solutions.

  • Risk management and compliance

+ Identify risks of the department in the process of operation, ensuring compliance with the processes and regulations of the bank. Coordinate with relevant units to handle risks.

+ Perform risk treatment activities according to reports of internal/external audit departments.



  • Graduated in IT, Computer Science or Telecommunications
  • Certificates in information security such as OSCP, PCI DSS assessment implementation certificate, ISO
  • Having ISC2 SSCP security certificates is an advantage
  • Having certificates of companies providing security solutions such as Microsoft/Cisco/PaloAlto/Checkpoint/Cyberark/Sailpoint…”
  • Having certificates in information security such as – SANS SEC660, SEC760, SANS SEC642, SANS SEC575, OSCE, OSCP


  • Experience in performing security testing in financial / service / telecommunications organizations from 5 years.

+ Research, design, implement and evaluate Information security for systems and applications

+ Implement PCI-DSS, ISO, Swift CSP… Participate in the development and control of compliance with security standards for IT systems

  • Experience in performing security testing in financial / service / telecommunications organizations such as experience in researching security holes, developing attack techniques/tools, performing attack testing of technology systems by technical and non-technical measures)
  • Having experience in implementing, managing, and operating in-depth in terms of policies, set of rules, configuration of information security at least one of the following areas at financial/service/telecommunications organizations (5 years):
  • Security solutions for access identity management (PAM, IAM…);
  • Network security solutions (Firewall, NAC, APT, NetIPS, DDOS…);
  • Security solutions for terminals (AD GPO, HIPS/HFW, Appcontrol, Web/mail filtering, DB security…);
  • Data security solutions (DLP, FAM…).
  • Experience in information security assessment according to Agile method”


  • Competitive salary; Two-month probationary period with 100% salary, including basic insurance payment
  • 13 months salary/year and with a performance bonus up to ~ 3 months salary
  • Working hours are flexible, employees can choose shifts from 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
  • Agile environment, dynamic and international standards
  • Participate in many annual activities such as Team building, Active Saturday off, Year-end party, etc.
  • Join Techcombank Care with Bao Viet insurance package
  • Participating in the preferential loan program for employees
  • Have the opportunity to work directly with foreign experts, use frequently English
  • Have a clear career development path in the direction of Senior Expert or in the direction of Manager

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