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Landing page/ Website/ Web App Development – 50%

· Research and analyst requirements from clients and in-house teams, estimate timeline, consult suitable tech stack, collaborate with other team to implement and deploy landing page/website/web app with good quality and high performance.

· Prepare and update any documents related to requirement and post released used products.

· Collaborate with other teams and clients to help manage source code and maintain the service/system/platform for landing page/website/web app in production.

IT Helpdesk – 50%

· Research, update and develop more features for the current system and services of company.

· Work closely with clients team to advise and support connecting company service to client website/system.

· Troubleshoot any issues with clients and in-house team daily.


· Fresher or 1 year of proven experience in related fields. Prefer candidates used to work in marketing/advertising agencies.

· A fast learner can research, learn anything and apply new knowledge to solve problem (both tech and non-tech) in a fast-paced environment.

· Good logical thinking and problem solving.

· Clear written and verbal communication.

· Strong knowledge about HTML, CSS, Javascript.

· Experience working with WordPress/Ladipage and any other CMS/Web development platform.

· Knowing any frontend framework like Vue.js/React… is preferred.

· Understanding any backend or full-stack skill is not required but will be better when collaborating with other team members.

· Experience working with a design team through any tool like Zeplin, Photoshop, XD, Figma … will be plus.

· A working portfolio will be beneficial to display candidate skills.


Salary and Bonus Policy

· Salary according to staff capacity

· Basic salary increase one times /year, income levels increase according to performance and experience of staff contributing reality to the revenue of company.

· Probationary salary is 85% official salary

· Lunar New Year (minimum bonus of 13 month salary and up to 18th month salary depending on business situation ), 1/1, 2/9, 30/4

· Bonus according to the position/project

· Outstanding individual bonus

Insurance Policy and Health Care

· Full insurance according to the law and other types of insurance on business trips

· Annual health checks at prestigious clinics/hospitals with high quality.

Other Policies

· Skills and professional training courses for a different team

· Birthday, Mid-Autumn Festival, March 8th, October 20th gifts for employees

· Company Trip, Team building programs, Year End Party.

Free Parking fee, free mobile phone charges

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