About Xpert Direct

Xpert Direct is the global marketplace for highly specialist skills in the tech industry. Companies and experts can find each other directly, in minutes instead of months. It is a safe confidential platform, blocking out all the noise, typically associated with the current failing recruitment industry model. We use automated interview techniques to capture and prioritise skills and project data, before applying our advanced search and matching technology. Xpert Direct delivers outstanding precision matches, first time every time - no third-party curation or manipulation required! We have developed Xpert Direct as a ‘skills first’ platform where companies can focus on finding the best engineers across the globe first, and then agree on the best form of collaboration (employee, freelancer, fulltime, part time, local, remote, employee of record etc.) Xpert Direct puts you in control, so you can search directly to find and secure the ideal exerts or projects you are looking for. You can negotiate directly, agree the best deal and get on with the job. No more relying on non-technical recruitment agents, to select the best experts for your projects. We have eliminated all the bottlenecks typically associated with traditional recruitment, paving the way for fast efficient direct expert recruitment. We are slashing the cost of recruiting specialist skills by giving direct access to companies and experts. Xpert Direct is moving the industry from a high-margin agency model, to a direct low-fee marketplace model, where clients only pay a 10% success fee and the entire service is completely free for Xperts.

Jobs by Xpert Direct

      Senior Software Engineer - Xpert Direct
      Full Stack Engineer - Xpert Direct
      Embedded Software Engineer - Xpert Direct
      Application Developer - Xpert Direct
      Software Engineer - Xpert Direct
      Back End Developer - Xpert Direct
      Embedded System Engineer - Xpert Direct
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