About Talentnet Corporation

Being one of the first local HR companies laying the foundations for Vietnam’s fledgling HR industry, Talentnet was officially established at the end of 2007 from the HR Services team of PricewaterhouseCoopers. Since then, Talentnet has grown significantly to become a well-respected and professional strategic human resources consulting firm. With more than 16 working years of experience in Vietnam labour market and more than 1,000 clients including multi-national, joint ventures, joint stock companies and prestigious local brand, Talentnet are offering Human Resources Services: 1. Executive Search Service 2. HR Advisory Service 3. Mercer Remuneration Surveys and HR Consulting Service 4. Payroll and HR Outsourcing Service 5. HR training and development Service ------- Reference Groups: • Talentnet - Leverage Your Career Path (for managerial people): http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Talentnet-Leverage-Your-Career-Path-4584556 • Talentnet - HR Expert Corners (for HR experts): http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Talentnet-HR-Expert-Corner-4584558

Jobs by Talentnet Corporation

      5 Senior Mobile Developer (IT solutions) - Talentnet Corporation
      Senior Full-stack Developer (Product inhouse) - Talentnet Corporation
      Head of Data & Analytics - Talentnet Corporation
      Senior Data Engineer - Talentnet Corporation
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