About SoBanHang

Founded by management executives from leading e-commerce businesses in Vietnam including Lazada, Zalora (Rocket Internet), ELSA Speak, Topica Edtech Group, OneMountGroup.. SoBanHang enables nano and micro businesses to manage cash flow better with digital bookkeeping apps and increase sales through hyperlocal online storefront. We aspire to be a trusted partner of small businesses’ and to empower them with our technologies, creating impactful value for society. We aim to be a trusted partner of 1 million small businesses in serving Vietnam's 100mil population market and contributing USD 100 billion towards the country's GDP in 2025. Let's try our apps at https://finan.page.link/Zi7X And reach out to us at hr@sobanhang.com to join our mission to empower millions of business to thrive on digital technologies.

Jobs by SoBanHang

      Senior Golang Developer - SoBanHang
      Frontend Developer Lead - SoBanHang
      DevOps Engineer - SoBanHang
      Backend Devloper (Golang) - SoBanHang
Company Website: SoBanHang