About SENS

Inspiring the next-generation of ground-breakers “Without humans, digital transformation is impossible.” SENS centralizes the importance of human-centric approach in the pursuit of a common goal to create the next explosive thing in the digital world. The human-to-human method makes business sense by respectation the uniqueness of each individual. Therefore, the power of Special Energy NetworkS is the cultural foundation for every action in the digital transformation. We optimize the new possibilities of everyone by connecting, understanding their differences and supporting any changes in the way of interacting with technology. In this sense, we are committed to listening, to inspiring and to developing employees' talents for their own breakthrough. And hence, a nurturing working environment at SENS was proudly created. SENS THE FUTURE SENS was founded in 2021 and has its headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We enhance the transformations of our global clients by extensive experiences in delivering business-critical strategic IT projects integrated with human connection, new technology investments and IT Development Service & Trading.

Jobs by SENS

      Fullstack Developer (PHP/CSS) - SENS
      (Mid/Sr) Backend NodeJS Developer - SENS
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