About Pizza Hut Digital Ventures

We love pizza. We eat it a lot. There’s no doubt about that and we’re proud of it. But what makes us different is that it’s our people that drive the success of our business. Alongside KFC, Taco Bell and The Habit Burger Grill, we are part of the Yum! family; the world’s largest restaurant company with nearly 43,000 restaurants in over 140 countries. At Pizza Hut, we are on a journey to build the most loved global brand and the fastest growing in every country; we have big plans over the next 5 years to achieve explosive growth in a competitive and ever growing market. We want to make it easy to get the best pizza and digital is at the core for this. Pizza Hut Digital Ventures is committed to building innovative digital solutions, providing our customers with an exceptional experience. From building a world-class platform and clean mobile experiences we are pushing the boundaries to ensure we are a source of innovation. We're looking for awesome talent across engineering, delivery, product management, data analytics, so if this sounds interesting to you, give us a shout. We’re looking to recruit the best tech talent for our teams based in London, Ho Chi Minh City, Dallas, and India. And yes, we really do have free pizza!

Jobs by Pizza Hut Digital Ventures

      Infrastructure Engineer - Pizza Hut Digital & Technology
      Quality Control Engineer - Pizza Hut Digital Ventures
      Data Engineer - Pizza Hut Digital Ventures
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