About NFQ Asia

NFQ Asia | 8 Bit Rockstars is part of the global NFQ enterprise that have 15 years of experience in building high-performing teams in Germany and spans out of Europe, Vietnam, and Singapore. We are the nation's coolest agile tech firm, specializing in PHP, and one of the leaders in utilizing Elasticsearch. We empower successful international startups, large websites and highly scaled applications worldwide. We also contribute to the open source domain by releasing and maintaining ongr.io, an application that accelerates transactional applications and currently drives major European e-shops and startups. Visit us at our homepage: http://nfq.asia/, or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nfq.asia

Jobs by NFQ Asia

      Senior Frontend Developer - NFQ Asia
      Technical Architect - NFQ Asia
      Senior Data Engineer - NFQ Asia
Company Website: NFQ Asia