About Movi Vietnam

Movi is one of the leading fintech companies in Vietnam. Established in 2019 with an objective of financial inclusion for the unbanked & underbanked population in Vietnam. We are prosperity builders. We strive to provide affordable financial products to our customers. We want to reach out to them, who find it difficult to borrow from other lenders. Our motto is to improve lives, create security & provide comfort to that section of the society. We have created customized financial products for this segment, which they can avail easily through multiple channels, which again are designed for their convenience. We have created special products for customers having difficult times due to the pandemic. Movi aspires to be a leader in financial services industry and shape a culture of financial literacy in Vietnam. We want to serve our customers in responsible manner, with utmost integrity and through innovation. Movi has a competitive advantage over other financial institutions as we have access to entire factory network across Vietnam and an approval from the National & Regional Labor Unions.

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