A global company with a distinctively French identity, Motul remains true to its roots while looking towards the future. 1966 was the hallmark year in Motul’s pursuit of invention with the Century 2100 creation, the inaugural semi synthetic oil, hailed by the whole automotive sphere as the industry’s next catalyst to high performance. Inspired by Motul’s 300 victories in competition and enabled by this semi synthetic technology predecessor, the 300V was then born in 1971, becoming the very first fully synthetic oil on the worldwide market. Using today’s technology, 300V is considered as the reference in motorsports. A few years later, in parallel to its automotive business, Motul Tech developed high performance metalworking fluids and lubrication products to address the highly demanding needs from the growing worldwide industrial business. Today, Motul continues to power forward its automotive and industrial competences. The company’s expertise is thus present throughout the most important stages of creation of an engine: from the very first moment when a complex component is casted in a casting machine,to the moment it is drilled and processed in a sophisticated computer controlled machine tool, MotulTech’ addresses specific industrial constraints with high proficiency and innovative solutions. In the automotive industry that specific complex component is assembled into a state-of-the-art engine and subsequently installed into its final home in a vehicle. Engines are then filled with the best of Motul, inspired by the 300V essence tested in the most demanding laboratories that exist - race tracks. From its headquarters just outside of Paris, and outposts in all corners of the globe, Motul employs the same ideology everywhere: passion for ingenuity. This passion, which unites lovers of engineering to their machinery is the same passion that unites Motul’s People. Continously crafting new solutions, ingenuity is at the heart of Motul’s culture.

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