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MFast is a brand of DigiPay J.S.C., a startup operating in the field of financial technology (Fintech) in Vietnam. MFast is a technology platform that connects reputable financial institutions with financial agents countrywide. Agents working with our company can both increase income and develop their careers through practicing in the field of finance on the MFast platform. As of June 2022, MFast has built a network of 123,000 agents, introduced financial services packages to more than 600,000 people, and created income for more than 5,000 monthly agents. MFast helps increase people's income by simplifying the sales process of financial and insurance products, allowing anyone, from any field, to seek another source of income. MFast aspires to become a leading Agent Banking Network platform in SEA, with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for financial consultants MFast always focuses on building and nurturing a dynamic, professional and friendly working environment, where every single individual has many opportunities to be developed and actualize big dreams together.

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