About DEK Technologies Vietnam

Developing Tomorrow’s Technology - Through specialization and innovation, dependability and dedication. Established in Melbourne, Australia in 1999, DEK Technologies has grown into a responsive global enterprise with over 600 employees located in offices in Australia, Sweden, Italy and Vietnam. DEK Technologies Vietnam was founded in 2008 with the aim to provide a competitive advantage to our growing business. DEK Technologies Vietnam is the largest office with over 500 employees and is led by an Australian therefore ensuring a strong western influence that helps level the cultural differences of our international offices. DEK Technologies Vietnam is known for being a professional and fun organization. We establish excellent relationships with our customers and within our company, resulting in a professional and friendly work environment. We have extensive experience in software development, Telecom and Data- communication, embedded systems and real-time solutions. We work with multinational equipment manufacturing and services companies in various industries providing innovative end-to-end solutions. Email: dek-vn-ta@dektech.com.au websites: www.dektechnologies.com

Jobs by DEK Technologies Vietnam

      [Signing bonus] Embedded Software Developers (C++, Linux) - DEK Technologies Vietnam
      [Signing Bonus] Python Developer - DEK Technologies Vietnam
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