About DatVietVAC

Founded in 1994, DatVietVAC is Vietnam’s first privately-owned media and communications agency. Over time, the group has evolved from a media giant to the largest media, entertainment, and technology ecosystem in Vietnam, managing data and transmedia content across platforms able to reach 97 million Vietnamese. DatVietVAC’s ecosystem includes 13 member companies: - DatVietOOH - TKL Programming - Dong Tay Promotion - M&T Pictures - DatVietMEDIA - Vie Channel (owner of Vie Channel - HTV2, Vie GIẢITRÍ, Vie DRAMAS) - TKLMEDIA - NOMAD Management Vietnam - VietNETWORK - VieON - VieDIGITAL - VieSHOP - VieZ We continue to invest in new businesses and industries, building a world-class digital culture economy for Vietnam, in two core pillars: Traditional (Communication Services, Content Provision, and Media Platform Ownership) and Digital (OTT, MPN, User-generated Content Initiatives, and advanced data analytics). We continue to thrive and attract leading players in the region, both as investors, start-ups, and business partners, writing the next chapter in the Vietnamese media landscape.

Jobs by DatVietVAC

      Senior Backend Developer (GO) - DatVietVAC
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