About CMC Global Company Limited

CMC Global, a member of CMC Corporation, was established on March 31, 2017, as a strategic company of CMC to bring ICT solutions and services globally. In accordance with the “Go Global” strategy of CMC Corporation in the next 5 years, CMC Global obtains 23 years of ICT experience and 10 years of software outsourcing experience from CMC Corp. CMC strives to become the regional leader in software outsourcing and ICT services, bring professional products to customers, help Vietnam become a competent country in ICT. Core values of CMC Global: Creativity, Professionalism, and Teamwork. With the goal of bringing hi-tech products and services to the world, CMC aims to have at least 1000 employees by 2020, revenue from the international market will surpass the domestic. CMC Global’s first step is the establishment of CMC Japan in August 2017. CMC Japan targets medium and large-sized business customers in Japan who have demands for ICT services: software development outsourcing and BPO (Business processing outsourcing) and system integration service.

Jobs by CMC Global Company Limited

      Java Tech Lead - CMC Global Company Limited
      Java Software Engineer - CMC Global Company Limited.
      Automation Tester - CMC Global Company Limited.
      Java Developer (All level) - CMC Global Company Limited.
      Automation Test Enginee - CMC Global Company Limited.
      Dotnet Developer - CMC Global Company Limited.
      Quality Assurance Automation Engineer - CMC Global Company Limited.
      Data Engineer - CMC Global Company Limited.
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