About Buymed

Thuocsi.vn is building a healthtech platform for Vietnam and Southeast Asia that will elevate quality and access to healthcare through transformative technologies for practitioners to patients, and all other stakeholders inbetween. That's why our mission is, "We build health ecosystems no one else has dared to build." We've started our mission focusing on the pharmaceutical industry in Vietnam, enabling a deeper, more trusted, and more beneficial relationship between pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, logistics providers, and pharmacists. Now, we're extending that relationship to include other primary care providers and other stakeholders in healthcare.

Jobs by Buymed

      Software Engineer (ReactJS/NextJS/Golang) - Buymed
      Manual QC Engineer (QA Tester) - Buymed
      QC Engineer (QA QC, Tester) - Buymed
      Software Engineer (Golang) - Buymed
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