BEE SOLUTIONS - Digital Products, Technology & Solutions Bee Solutions is an outsourced & product enterprise that commenced in early 2018. Adapting to the trend of brick-and-mortar stores are moving aggressively into online retails, Bee Solutions build leading-edge digital products, provide customers tools to accelerate sale & customer experiences. Through using advancing technology for e-commerce platforms & mobile applications, we ensure providing the easiest, most cost-effective & scalable digital products for customers. Additionally, our internal dedicated engineering team could offer ongoing support to ensure smooth & efficient operation. On top of e-commerce solutions, we provide cloud-based POS solutions for big chains. The solution is currently being used in more than 1000 stores. We have a road map to offer this to smaller stores. The loyal customers using our service are mainly in Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand... BEE SOLUTIONS we are passionate about innovation, ongoing product optimization with cutting-edge technology, customer satisfaction & commitment to excellent operation. Are you ready to leave your footprint with an industry leader?


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