ATALINK is the Cloud-based Procurement Management Solution-as-a-Service, helping each business as well as each industry to access and have the opportunity to understand multi-dimensional pictures of the supply chain that closely related to the efficiency of its business operations. With the platform to foster integiry, transparency, centered around the efficiency in management as the key motivation for client's success, ATALINK helps businesses increase value through unique capability to link and interact seamlessly with partners, with the market. ATALINK's large-scale, standardized database with diverse industries, categories and products provide outstanding strength for your business's procurement system, meeting the most harsh requirements at the state-of-the-art level. The transparency and efficiency inherent from ATALINK helps your business completely secured in your procurement, especially through the thorough enterprise and user verification system which can help to track and trace every transaction to ensure each transaction is authentic, reliable, with the right partners. Functionalities of the application can be customized based on your specific business characteristics, to enhance value for your business in the most efficient way.


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